Modelica Industrial Control Systems Library (version 1.0)


Package Industrial Control Systems is a library that is developed with the Modelica language and provides a set of continuous and discrete control systems. This library can be used to set up or replicate the majority of industrial controllers.

The library has been presented at the 9th Modelica conference, held in Munich 3-5 September 2012.
The library won the 2nd prize at the Modelica library competition award.

Extends from Modelica.Icons.Package (Icon for standard packages).

Package Content

IndustrialControlSystems.UserGuide UserGuide User's Guide
IndustrialControlSystems.Logical Logical Binary and logic operations
IndustrialControlSystems.MathOperations MathOperations Mathematical operations
IndustrialControlSystems.LinearSystems LinearSystems  
IndustrialControlSystems.Controllers Controllers  
IndustrialControlSystems.Applications Applications Applicative examples
IndustrialControlSystems.Icons Icons Icons

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